Haring Center

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Haring Center provides professional development and training to schools and communities as they create inclusive, equitable and sustainable educational systems.

Our Values

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We are responsive to the culture, values, resources and strengths of the communities with whom we partner. We strive to interrupt oppressive systems that maintain structural inequities.


We work together as a team, with our partners, and with other stakeholders to advance inclusive and equitable systems across Washington State and beyond. We commit to creating open, safe and honest spaces where all voices are valued and heard.


Our work is informed by recent research and evidence-based practices. Our professional development aligns with current Haring Center research and new innovations within the field of inclusive and equitable education.


We strive to create systems that lead to lasting change. The Haring Center supports communities and schools in implementing effective and permanent systems that contribute to greater access, participation and inclusion for all learners, families and communities.