Haring Center

Haring Center Fellows

In addition to conducting educational research, an important function of the Haring Center is to train the next generation of researchers, preparing them to be leaders in the field of special education research. Each year, a doctoral student in the area of special education is awarded the Haring Family Endowed Fellowship to support their studies and professional development. This fellowship allows promising students to plan and execute their dissertation studies, while refining their research skills and preparing for a future in educational research. Below is a list of the Haring Center Endowed Fellows to date, along with the title of their dissertation. For more information about any of the Fellows or their research, please contact Dr. Ilene Schwartz at ilene@uw.edu.

Year Name Dissertation Title
2009 Noa Hannah Where Do I Look? Joint Attention Deficits in Young Children with Autism
2010 Annie McLaughlin Decreasing Stereotypy in Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Role of Increased Physical Activity
2011 Jennifer Fung An Evaluation of a Social Support Intervention for Caregivers of Newly-Diagnosed Children with Autism
2012 Shane Miramontez Evaluating Interventions to Increase Physical Activity in Preschool Children With and Without Disabilities
2013 Meaghan McCollow Increasing Implementation of Effective Teaching for Special Educators
2014 Paul Mullan The Effects of a Multi-Tiered Support System Inspired Framework of Professional Development on Teacher Implementation of Discrete Trial Teaching
2015 Ariane Gauvreau How Was Your Day in Preschool? Teaching Accurate Recall to Young Children with Autism Using Mobile Technologies and Visual Supports
2016 Ashley Penney The Effects of a Group-Based Approach to Parent-Mediated Early Behavioral Intervention for Very Young Children with or At-Risk for Autism
2017 Katherine Bateman The Effects of Implementation of a Parent Coaching Treatment Package to Improve Quality of Life for Children and Families Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder
2017 Natalie Badgett Trial Based Functional Analysis in Classroom Settings: An Evaluation of Effectiveness and Exploration of Implications for Implementation
2018 Elizabeth Kelly Families’ Experiences with Online Instruction and Behavior Support During COVID-19: A Qualitative Inquiry
2019-2020 Katie Greeny Supervision in Applied Behavior Analysis: Implementing a Structured Supervision Agenda
2020 Erin Anderson TBD
2020 Adriana Luna TBD