Haring Center

2019 Auction

2019 Haring Center Auction
‘Inclusion is My Superpower’

On May 11, the Haring Center community gathered once again to celebrate and support the power of inclusion at the 18thannual Haring Center Auction. Five hundred guests attended this year’s auction, which was themed ‘Inclusion is My Superpower’ to recognize the hero that lies within each of us. Together these inclusion superheroes raised a record $800,000 to support the classrooms of the Haring Center’s school, the Experimental Education Unit (EEU).

Watch the Haring Center Auction in action! Below are videos from the night of this amazing event.

2019 Haring Center Auction — Sights and Sounds

2019 Haring Center Auction — Featured Speaker

2019 Haring Center Auction — Promo Video