Haring Center

The University of Washington Haring Center for Inclusive Education provides early childhood education to children with and without disabilities, conducts leading-edge research to advance inclusive learning, and trains education professionals in proven practices to develop every child’s potential. The essential support of our generous donors creates inclusive communities that empower all children to learn, play and grow together.

It is a pivotal time for advancing new discoveries in early learning and we are working to chart a course for the future. Together, we will ensure that children with disabilities receive the best foundation for a lifetime of learning and infinite possibilities. Together, we will build a boundless future. For children, for Washington, for the world.

  • Recent News

    • Dr. Norris Haring, a pioneering researcher and advocate for children and adults with disabilities, passed away on June 27, 2019, at age 95.  Through his

    • Unique student project provides valuable experience for future teachers Providing family-centered care, when educators intentionally develop meaningful, reciprocal partnerships with caregivers with the goal of