Haring Center


Potential Interns & Practicum Students: If you are applying to a University of Washington degree program (i.e. early childhood special education Master’s program, ABA program, special education doctoral program, physical/occupational therapy, speech-language pathology), and are interested in doing an internship or practicum placement through the Haring Center, please visit our EEU website for more information.

Current Professionals: If you’re a current professional in early intervention, special education or a related discipline, and would like to learn more about coaching, trainings and other professional development opportunities at the Haring Center, please contact the Professional Development and Training Team (haringpd@uw.edu) for more information and to schedule a tour.

Parents & Caregivers: If you’re a parent interested in having your child enrolled at the EEU, and would like to see the programs, please visit our EEU website for more information and to schedule a tour.