Haring Center

50 Years of Impact

In 2016, the Haring Center celebrated 50 years of blazing trails in improving education for children with disabilities. In recognition of this historic anniversary, the Haring Center released a series of stories describing some of our greatest achievements, groundbreaking projects and influential staff.

As we continue our next 50 years, we use our unique integrated model of research, demonstration and training to work towards the goal of advancing every child’s potential and creating a joyful, inclusive world for children with and without disabilities.

1. Our Founders

2. School Leaders Who Make a Difference

3. Project DATA

4. Zelalem “Zee” Yilma

5. Model Program for Children with Down Syndrome

6. National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning

7. Northwest Center for Media Literacy Education

8. Roots of Inclusive Education

9. Building Blocks Framework

10. Center Leaders Who Make an Impact

11. Family Support

12. Inclusive Activism

13. Inclusive Education and Phases of the Haring Center

14. Longitudinal Outcome Project

15. Roots of Applied Behavior Analysis