Haring Center

January 4, 2019

Impact Doesn’t Stop Here

Haring Center 2018 Training Impact by the Numbers

At the Haring Center, we know what it means to champion inclusion each and every day. We believe that every child should have meaningful opportunities to learn, to engage with others, and to live in an inclusive community that values all its members. For over 50 years, we’ve pursued this goal through our innovative model of research, education, and training.

An integral part of the Haring Center mission is disseminating the practices that are developed, researched, and demonstrated in the classrooms of the Center’s school, the Experimental Education Unit (EEU), through high quality professional development and training. Once the leading-edge practices our researchers develop are proven to be effective, we train educators across the state of Washington, the US, and the world to implement them so countless more students, schools, and communities beyond the walls of the Haring Center can benefit.

Our team of expert trainers work with educators, leaders, and other professionals to help a variety of organizations implement inclusive education. We create individualized professional development plans to meet the unique needs of our partner programs. The training strategies used in our professional development work are designed to impact maximum change and optimize the use of target teaching strategies in classrooms, which doesn’t always happen with traditional training methods.

“We know that with traditional training strategies, only about 5% of teachers are going to be able to take what they’ve learned and use it in their classrooms on their own”, said Haring Center professional development partner manager Brittney Lee. “The professional development techniques used by Haring Center trainers are based on the science of adult learning and the most current research in teacher training. The goal of using a wide range of training strategies is to ensure that teachers are able to use the inclusive practices as successfully as possible in their classrooms.”

During the 2017-18 school year, our professional development impact was far-reaching. Our team of 18 training specialists worked with 146 different schools and organizations, training 3,100 educational professionals throughout the year. Haring Center staff conducted trainings close to home, in cities across Washington State, and beyond, including in Grand Cayman, Nigeria, and Singapore. In addition to school districts across the state, our partners include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Child Care Aware of Washington, Washington Department of Child, Youth, and Family Services, Seattle Preschool Program, Seattle Opera, and the Woodland Park Zoo.

For more information on Haring Center professional development and training, contact Alison Winfield at avw@uw.edu.