Haring Center

Experimental Education Unit

The Experimental Education Unit (EEU) was founded in 1967 as part of the College of Education and the Center for Human Development and Disability at the University of Washington.

Fifty years ago, children with disabilities were not guaranteed an education by law. By creating the EEU, the University of Washington responded to the growing Seattle community’s demand for the education of children who were not allowed in public schools because of their disability or delay. Fighting for the education of all children, side-by-side continues to be the guiding principle of the EEU and the Haring Center.

Today, the EEU offers a comprehensive early childhood school community that provides inclusive education to children with and without disabilities. This community consists a staff of scholars, professionals and university students who conduct important research and refine new techniques to hone their teaching skills. The EEU’s model combines practical research, hands-on training and direct service to children from infancy through kindergarten. Our program is committed to promoting the development of children’s cognitive, motor, communication, and social interaction skills giving them the necessary foundation for learning in elementary school and beyond.

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