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The Tiered Coaching Model

What is the Tiered Coaching Model?

The Tiered Coaching Model (TCM) is all about finding the right coaching fit. The TCM is a data-based approach to professional development that takes into account teachers’ preferences, experiences and current classroom practices when deciding when and how coaching is accessed. The TCM is designed to move away from a “one-size-fits-all” model of coaching, and instead focuses on matching teachers with coaching opportunities that best meet their needs and preferences. There are three types of coaching within the TCM: self-guided email based coaching, small group learning communities and individual practice-based coaching.

Source: National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations



In our TCM Research projects, we focus specifically on coaching around the Pyramid Model, a framework for supporting children’s social-emotional development and preventing challenging behavior. You can learn more about the Pyramid Model on our resource page and the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations website.

Meet the TCM Team

We are a team of researchers, coaches and faculty members at the University of Washington. In our research projects, we partner with early childhood professionals across the Pacific Northwest to test the efficacy of the TCM, gain information from educators about their experiences and opinions of the TCM and examine how the TCM can help young children learn and thrive in their early childhood classrooms. We also work to create and gather resources related to coaching and classroom practices. Learn more about each of our leadership team members by clicking the photos below.

Kathleen Artman Meeker
Angel Fettig
Jenny Cunningham


Classroom Resources

The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) and Circle Time Magazine at Cultivate Learning both offer many resources to support social-emotional development in early childhood classrooms. Click the links below to learn more.

NCPMI resource library

Questions or want to learn more? Email Jenny Cunningham (jec1@uw.edu), our project coordinator.

The TCM project is supported by the Institute of Education Sciences through a Development and Innovation Grant (#R0R324A170149; 2017-2022).