Haring Center

Jennifer Fung, Ph.D.

Partner Manager, jschleif@uw.edu
Jennifer is a research scientist and training specialist at the Haring Center for Research and Training in Inclusive Education, where she has worked since 2000. Jennifer is currently the Project Director for the Haring Center’s collaboration and professional development for Early Achievers coaches. Dr. Fung’s professional experiences with young children with special needs and their families, with an emphasis on working with toddlers with autism spectrum disorders, include working as a special educator, behavioral consultant, parent educator and family support coordinator for families of children who have just received an autism diagnosis. As a researcher at the University of Washington, Dr. Fung’s research interests and activities are in the areas of: identification and evaluation of effective intervention strategies for infants and toddlers with autism and their families, inclusion and education of young children with disabilities in child care and other natural environments, and the preparation and training of future educators, both early childhood education and early childhood special education personnel.