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Inclusive education for all is within our reach.

The Haring Center demonstrates what is possible when families, teachers and researchers work together. Every day at the Haring Center, children make friends and experience joy regardless of their abilities. Parents become passionate advocates for inclusive communities. Researchers identify tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and barriers to learning, and the next generation of education professionals learns how to implement these cutting-edge practices in their classrooms and communities.

Your support will drive the movement for inclusion forward by ensuring that children, families and teachers across the state and nation have access to the transformational research and educational practices developed at the Haring Center.

What will your gift do today?

  • Ensure generations of children and families have access to our world-class model of inclusive education by establishing permanent funding for the EEU
  • Prepare all educators to effectively implement inclusive education across Washington State and the nation
  • Discover solutions to the most difficult learning challenges facing children with disabilities

We can reach the millions of children who are still excluded from society. We are creating a world where all children learn, play and grow together. Join us!