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Supporting Inclusion

All Children Deserve the Opportunity to Achieve Their Fullest Potential.

Today, across the state and nation, we are failing the most vulnerable members of our communities. We are not living up to providing effective educational support to children with developmental disabilities. Children with disabilities remain separated from their typically developing peers. Families are unsure how to be effective advocates and participants in their child’s education. Educators do not receive the training necessary to lead inclusive classrooms. At the Haring Center we are developing, implementing and sharing the tools and practices needed to put full inclusion within reach.

Inclusive education in school systems is attainable with your support. Your support of the University of Washington Haring Center for Inclusive Education will:

  • Expand access to training for teachers and school district leaders to implement inclusive classrooms
  • Increase inclusive services for children with developmental disabilities and their families
  • Broaden inclusive programs for children with autism and related disorders
  • Enable the Center to attract and retain the brightest research and teaching minds

To learn more or to consider other giving options, please email Noam Soker at nsoker@uw.edu.

We can do more than imagine an inclusive world.
We can create it.

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Haring Center Volunteer Board

The Haring Center volunteer board actively supports the Haring Center by increasing public visibility, raising funds and providing strong ties to the community.