Haring Center

Lissa Dickenson, MS, NBCT

Inclusion Specialist, lissadi@uw.edu

Lissa in an Education Specialist at the Haring Center for Inclusive Education. She received her Master of Science in Special Education from the University of Oregon and her National Board Certification from the State of Washington.

Lissa’s work focuses on supporting elementary schools’ implementation of best practices to develop inclusive learning communities. She partners with individual teachers and school teams as they build capacity to educate all learners effectively, with the belief that inclusive practices benefit every student, family member and staff member.

Prior to joining the Haring Center team, Lissa was a K-5 special education teacher, Technical Assistance Team facilitator, IEP compliance coach, new teacher mentor, and professional support and development provider for newly adopted district academic and social-emotional learning curricula.

Areas of expertise:

  • Co-teaching
  • Elementary inclusion
  • Family support
  • Inclusive leadership and systems
  • Teaming and collaboration