Haring Center

Cassie Martin, Ph.D.

Senior Inclusion Specialist/Ties Project Manager/Demonstration Sites Lead, cassiem@uw.edu

Cassie is an education consultant based in Seattle, WA. Cassie works with schools to foster inclusive school communities by providing the resources schools need to create responsive, engaging, and equitable school experiences for all students. Cassie provides professional development for everyone responsible for student growth, including: administrators, teachers, para-professionals, and families.

Her in-service programs use best practices in inclusive education and her organizational development work engages stakeholders in bottom up school reform to create the most sustainable models. Dr. Martin’s teaching, research, organizational development work and consulting are guided by her passion to create inclusive school communities that work for all students. In her 20 years of studying what works and scales in inclusive education, and as a former special education teacher and administrator, she has seen first-hand how inclusion leads to better outcomes for all students (and for the teachers supporting those students).