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We are excited to announce our first cohort of inclusionary practices demonstration sites across Washington State.  These schools will be opening their doors this Spring and in Fall 2020 to visitors. These schools are committed to providing transformational learning experiences to aid their colleagues who are working to build inclusionary practices at their own schools.  

Demonstration sites will share their journey to becoming a more inclusive school with educators from across Washington State. These schools are at various stages of their journey towards becoming fully inclusive learning communities. Some demonstration sites started implementing inclusionary systems and practices 6 years ago, and other schools are embarking on years 1 and 2 of their journey. The experience of visiting schools at different stages in their journey provides a unique opportunity to learn from schools that have well-established systems and supports in place and also from schools that have just recently shifted mindsets and have brand new systems in place.  

Demonstration sites highlight a variety of inclusive practices. Some of the examples of inclusionary practices highlighted across this first cohort of schools include:  Master scheduling to support all learners, Multi Tiered systems of supports, Coteaching and coplanning, Assistive technology, and Inclusive mission and vision statements. Visitors will be able to observe inclusionary practices in action, meet with school teams, collect artifacts to aid in systems change, and engage in discussion about how these inclusionary practices might transfer from one school context to another.

This Spring, the first five demonstration sites will offer webinars that include virtual site visits, deep dives into some key inclusionary practices, and will share experiences about how they have cultivated inclusive cultures in their schools. For recordings, artifacts, and slides from our April 2020 webinars and to register for upcoming webinars, please click on the demonstration sites drop downs below.

If you have additional questions, please contact us: uwdemosites@uw.edu.


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