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Coming Soon: The Haring Center Inclusion Framework

New Product Will Enhance Haring Center’s High-Quality Training on Inclusion

Soon the Haring Center will unveil its Inclusion Framework, a framework built on 50 years of experience and research on inclusive education at the Center.

In the near future, the Framework will be used by Haring Center trainers to provide a comprehensive, research-based structure to guide their work with centers and schools who seek to build inclusive educational programs.

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Research to Practice: Developing Strategies to Address Food Selectivity 

A Look at How Haring Center Research is Becomes Everyday Classroom Practice

A central part of the Haring Center’s mission is to develop and test new strategies to answer the most pressing questions in inclusive education. Doctoral student and Haring Center researcher Yevgeniya Veverka is doing just that with her research on using ‘food play’ to address food selectivity in young children.

Most caregivers will agree that mealtimes with young children, who commonly develop ‘picky’ eating habits, can be quite frustrating. While many children eventually learn to increase the number and types of foods they eat, for some children this is not the case.

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The Haring Center, at the University of Washington, has been a leader in inclusive education since opening its doors in 1966. We improve the lives of children with and without developmental disabilities and their families through research, training and programs that drive education policy and practice. Visit our website to learn more about the Haring Center.