BCBA Supervison

BCBA Supervision

We provide supervision for individuals fulfilling requirements for the BACB© (Behavior Analyst Certification Board). This supervision is offered for the intensive practicum experience and may be completed within three quarters or one year. Our goal is to provide supervision to meet an individual’s professional needs for becoming a qualified behavior analyst.

Our supervision program offers a three-tiered training approach that incorporates the Fourth Edition BACB© task list:

  • Tier 1 fulfills requirements as an interventionist, covering basic behavior-analytic skills defined in the first section of the BACB© task list.
  • Tier 2 fulfills requirements related to program managing and working with clients, as defined in the second section of the task list.
  • Tier 3 provides support for foundational knowledge leading to excellence as a BCBA provider.

For more information regarding BCBA supervision, contact Julie Ashmun at (206) 221-4482 or pdutrain@uw.edu.