Volunteer at EEU

Volunteer at EEU

The EEU is an excellent site to volunteer if you are interested in learning more about or gaining more experience with early childhood education, special education services, diversity and/or supporting families. Our mission is to create inclusive communities where all children are members and form meaningful relationships. The EEU is also a center that provides ongoing adult learning opportunities to professionals from education and related fields.

Volunteer Position:

Assist in a classroom that includes children with and without disabilities. Work collaboratively with Special Education Teachers, Occupational or Physical Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain professional conduct and attire
  • Set up and clean up activities
  • Assist children on and off school buses
  • Provide support to children during transitions
  • Monitor children during activities and play
  • Provide support to children during activities
  • Engage children during activities and play
  • Encourage child participation
  • Model skills for children
  • Request feedback from classroom staff and make appropriate changes


  • Regular Attendance
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Accept feedback and willing to learn


You will help contribute to a true learning community where family members, professionals and community members come together for the common purpose to support each other and empower members to become more independent by contributing ideas, sharing individual beliefs, and celebrating each others differences in a safe, belonging environment.


UW students, please register for volunteer experiences through the Carlson Center: http://www.washington.edu/carlson/.

Other Interested volunteers, please email the Volunteer Interest Form to eeuweb@uw.edu.