Student Internship and Practicum Opportunities

Student Internship and Practicum Opportunities

The Haring Center offers a wide variety of opportunities for students and professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of students with disabilities and significant needs, and their families.

Opportunities in the field of education include:

Classroom Experiences

  • Practicum and service learning experiences for pre-professionals
  • Opportunities for prospective teachers, social workers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and applied behavior analysts
  • Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Opportunities in inclusive early childhood classrooms (infants to kindergarten)
  • Opportunities to learn about home visiting

Intensive Training

  • Student teaching
  • Internships and Externships
  • Opportunities to retool and renew skills in the area of developmental disabilities

Classroom Observations

In-Classroom Observations
The EEU offers in-classroom experiences for students and professionals of various disciplines. Observers who schedule this type of appointment are free to interact with children and teachers during a typical school day to complete an assignment or training necessary.

In-Booth Observations
Each EEU classroom has an observation booth with one-way glass, where parents, students and professionals are welcome to quietly watch each of our programs in action. Those choosing this type of observation will not have any expectation of interaction with students or staff, including asking questions before or after your appointment.

Observation Expectations

  • Establish an appropriate time to ask questions during the observation beforehand
  • Use sensitive and respectful language when referring to children
  • Leave any personal belongings in the classroom office if you plan to be in the classroom
  • Use of photo, audio and video recording is prohibited unless given written permission
  • If you have questions following your observation, please stop by the front desk and make an appointment

Observation Guidelines

  • Please remember that parents of children can be present at any time of your observation
  • While discussing with or about children, please treat all children with the same respect that you would one of your own family members
  • Observe from a place in the room where you will not interfere with learning — ask a teacher where is appropriate if need be
  • If you are interacting with children:
    • Get down on their level
    • Watch the staff members in the room for cues about how to interact

To schedule an observation, email or call the front desk (206) 543-4011.

Short Term Projects and Assignments

While this combination of research, training and service is the most effective method to promote inclusion and create change in the community, it requires several activities both in and out of the EEU classrooms. With so many different requests, we need to have priorities and procedures in order to effectively manage the activities and ensure that children are safe and learning.

Priorities for activities in the classroom and with children are as follows:

  1. Program assessment and evaluations (required by local agencies contracting with the EEU)
  2. Faculty & grant-funded work through the Applied Research Unit (ARU)
  3. Graduate level thesis and dissertation activities that have approval from the ARU
  4. Undergraduate assignments and projects approved by the principal at the EEU

Policies for completing activities or assignments

  • Every effort must be made to ensure that the work is as least intrusive as possible.
  • Children should not miss their regular program more than once per week for half-day program and twice per week for full day program.
  • Children should miss no more than 30 minutes of their program on any given day.


All individuals scheduled to conduct activities at the EEU must:

  • Submit the EEU Assignment Request Form to
  • Email the head teacher in the classroom prior to conducting the activity to confirm the day/time, describe the activity, and ask where in the classroom the teacher would like the activity conducted.
  • Check in at the front desk, wear a visitor badge, and sign out after the completion of the activity.
  • Conduct all activities in the classroom with staff present, unless a background check is on file at the EEU for the individual or they have acquired written consent from families.
  • Arrive with materials prepped and ready to conduct the activity.
  • Be respectful of the teaching staff and professional at all times.