Get Involved

Get Involved


Classroom Support

Parent Council sponsors and organizes various fundraisers along with school social events throughout the school year. Money raised is used to directly support the teachers and staff in their day-to-day classroom activities. Along with this type of classroom support, the EEU Parent Council sponsors many events to show appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the EEU teachers and staff.

Parent Support

The Parent Council provides an opportunity to network with other EEU parents. The parents of EEU students are dynamic and resourceful, not to mention talented and fun. Interacting with members of the Parent Council is a good way to learn about resources for children, fun places for children, parenting tips, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

The EEU needs your help! Interested parents can find volunteer opportunities by consulting the bulletin board in the main lobby, becoming a member of the EEU Parent e-mail group, or by contacting members of the parent council. Parents are encouraged to become involved as much as they feel comfortable with. Involvement in activities can mean writing a check to sponsor a lunch for a teacher, preparing a food dish, setting up or cleaning up after an event, or planning the entire event.


A weekly newsletter is sent out via email that keeps parents up to date with school news and information on upcoming events. The Parents Council meets once a month to update staff and families on the latest activities.

Contact the Parent Council Chair:
Michelle Simpson: