Applied Research Unit

The Haring Center Applied Research Unit builds on 50 years of innovation in early childhood and special education. Researchers work with teachers, families, and communities to create new curricular approaches, instructional strategies, and technological advances in education. In collaboration with the EEU, PDU, school districts, and agencies, researchers study how these approaches are adopted and used to support children and families in everyday settings. As a result of this work and the widespread dissemination of the ARU’s innovative practices, countless students are receiving the education they deserve in inclusive classrooms and community programs.

All research at the ARU is driven by the Haring Center’s mission to build inclusive communities that support the learning and developmental needs of children and families of all abilities and backgrounds. The transformational research conducted at the ARU informs policies and practices in inclusive education. To that end, the ARU welcomes interdisciplinary researchers from across the university and the globe. The ARU also provides opportunities for graduate students who are training to become the next generation of researchers and faculty members in education and related disciplines.