Mission and Commitments

Mission and Commitments



The Haring Center is committed to building inclusive communities that support the learning and developmental needs of children and families of all abilities and backgrounds.


We are a unique organization committed to the following:

    1. We are Advocates for Inclusion: Inclusion is about community, about membership, about relationships and about helping every child, family member, and staff member being their best self. Inclusion is not just about disabilities or educational placements. Inclusive communities appreciate the gifts and support the needs of all people, regardless of ability or background. An inclusive community is one in which every person is supported, productive, and appreciated. An inclusive community provides the amount of support needed so that all of us – children, family members, teachers/educators, researchers, trainers, graduate students – can learn, make friends, and be part of something that we value and that values us.


    1. We are Researchers: Everyday at the Haring Center teachers at the EEU (Experimental Educational Unit) use instructional strategies developed on site. Haring Center researchers learn from and our teachers who then learn from researchers. This interaction helps researchers develop instructional tools to address the most challenging problems facing children with disabilities, their families, and teachers that are effective, sustainable, and work in the real life environments in which children learn.


    1. We Train the Next Generation: The Haring Center provides opportunities for graduate students who are training to be our next generation of educational professionals (e.g., teachers, behavior analysts, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists) to work with expert teachers. We also provide advanced training for current professionals. All of our training shares a common objective, providing participants with the tools that they need to create inclusive communities for the children and families with whom they work. Trainees see the research put into action in the EEU classrooms and gain the skills needed to implement those practices in their own classrooms and communities.


    1. We Create Community Partnerships: Supporting community partnerships permeates all activities at the Haring Center. We help children and families participate and become members of their school community, help teachers and other professionals become members of their communities. Through supporting membership, we are moving closer to creating inclusive communities.


  1. We Support Access to High Quality Education For All:
    A public education is the one great entitlement promised to every child in the United States. Regardless of ability, children have the right to a free, appropriate public education. We are committed to working with public schools and community agencies to ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate fully and that schools have the necessary supports in place to ensure that all children are successful.